Quality Over Time

We have been manufacturing motor mounts for over 50 years. Our senior engineers average close to 40 years experience each and have over 100 years of combined experience.

IR exports to more than 60 countries throughout the world. Maintaining a large inventory at hand at all times, you no longer need to wait months for your products. We maintain stock and are capable of supplying you what you need, when you need it.

In addition to our standard line, we offer custom manufacturing services of non-standard or speciality items and private labelling.

Our teams are ready to work with you to meet your quality specifications and our manufacturing facility is set to meet your “RUSH” requirements.

See the IR Production Process Chart


We begin the manufacturing process by reverse-engineering the OEM motor mount to determine the strength of each mount as well as the chemical compounds and metallurgy used to manufacture it. This includes stress and fatigue tests as well as chemical analysis of the metal and rubber.


We use only the highest quality virgin rubber in all our mounts. Both natural and synthetic rubber are used as per the OEM mount. Because of the high concentration of ozone around the engine, we design the rubber compounds to have high ozone resistance to give each mount maximum longevity.


We use only the highest grade steel. If the steel is not of the correct chemical composition, then the bond between the rubber and metal will not be the proper strength which may lead to failure. Our rubber compounds and steel metallurgy are designed to give each motor mount the strongest bond possible. The cross section of our steel meets or exceeds the OEM design to assure metal strength.


Using the best rubber compounds and steel metallurgy would be of no value if we did not use the best adhesive to bond them together. We use only ChemLok Brand adhesive to bond the rubber to the steel.


We use only grade 5 bolts or better on every motor mount as per the OEM standard.


For the best aesthetic we finish each mount by trimming all rubber and steel flashings and painting the product matte black for quality appearance and rust protection.

Quality Control

To assure the highest quality, each mount we manufacture is subjected to a series of statistical quality controls during the manufacturing and finishing processes. One of the quality controls is a pull test. By performing this test we assure that the rubber is bonding property to the metal and that each mount has the proper strength. Every part is subjected to the same rigorous final quality control inspections by our engineers.